The Beautiful Silence is a collective started by  Sabrina Chaudhary and Jason “where’s nasty” which focuses on creative projects, events, digital and social media marketing.

While in college, Sabrina and where’s nasty were able to work together to create the University of Rhode Island’s October Fest Multicultural College Party weekend, host events, radio shows, and gain the attention of many of their peers while doing so.

In December 2012, they launched The Beautiful Silence, a company built on the mantra “let the work speaks for itself.” With unique branding, event structures and marketing strategies, they’ve been able build staple events such as 808s and Twerk Tapes, Day Trill and the Eggs Over Brunch series.

The Beautiful Silence collective has been able to grow to include Born Casual, Cam Bells, Drew of Beyond All Reach, Hil Holla, among other artists DJs, designers, musicians and marketers. With these resources and through working with different brands, they were able to form the Silence Digital Agency, a creative marketing agency which focuses on digital and social media marketing. In hopes to continue collaborating with different artists, brands and finding a home, they opened the Trade Pop-Up in Providence, RI on The Beautiful Silence’s 2 year anniversary.